The Doctor

Dr. Bart Rademaker

There is a vision that we all have for ourselves and the life
we wish to live. I believe we all desire that and whenever I can support anyone
on that journey, I know I am fulfilling my own purpose.

Over the years I have done a lot of deep work and one thing
that I discovered was that my emotional currency is seeing others succeed. I am
passionate about creating change, enhancing life and developing peaceful awareness.

How I serve others as a doctor, surgeon and guide is to help
you discover what will be best for you without the limitations of “conventional or in the box
thinking” since there are so many new answers that are available to you today
that will make the difference.

I consider myself a pioneer, a thought leader and early
implementer of great ideas and my unique perspective of the world is the result of growing
up and traveling in many different countries, speaking four languages, 17 years
of medical training and continued deep work on personal development, energy
healing and biohacking over the years.

We must tap into the body intelligence, the brain
intelligence and the energy/spiritual intelligence that surrounds us in order
to manifest and optimize the lives that we desire. That is the work that I do.

Surgery comes natural to me and I choose to harness the
potential of the body to restore form and function. This science and this art
respects the natural order of our bodies and I find that my patients do very
well because of this. Each patient is also my guide how I can best serve them.

Breast Services

The outcomes have been so spectacular that augmentation has become a fastest growing and perhaps the most common surgical body contouring procedure in the U.S.

Body Contouring

Dr. Rademaker uses biodegradable products can be used for cheek, lip, chin, jaw line enhancement as well as correcting deep skin folds or wrinkles.

Regenerative Aesthetics

Dr. Rademaker is widely respected for the organic-looking and natural-feeling results of breast surgery, post-mastectomy and aesthetic regenerative medicine.