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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
November is a great month to reflect on the events of this year, to get together and share special moments, to celebrate and rejoice for our blessings and be grateful for everything that we have. It has truly been a journey and a dream for many years to bring to you a place that would offer all the medical, beauty, and wellness essentials that delivers the very best experience. Improving quality of life is at the center of everything we do here at The Beauty Integrity Center. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you “the guest,” to receive the benefits of safer, more effective, and natural approaches to health, beauty and wellness.


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Winterizing Skin

Dry, cold weather is upon us, which means your skin is already struggling to retain its moisture while cold winds and indoor heating do their best to sap what’s left of summer skin’s suppleness. With proper planning, you can fight back against the drying effects of the winter months and keep skin moisturized year round.

As good as hot showers feel in cold weather, they are one of the biggest reasons our skin becomes dry, so do your best to avoid them. Stick with lukewarm water during showers and hand washing and get in the habit of moisturizing after both.

Choosing Products
Meet with your esthetician about which products will work best for keeping dry skin at bay. He/she will properly match your skin type with the right products for you, which may include oil-based moisturizers that contain avocado oil or almond oil. These types of moisturizers help retain moisture longer than normal creams and lotions. And, once you get the products, use them. You’ll need to moisturize a lot more during the winter than in the summer.

Face Care
Avoid alcohol-based toners for the season since they have a tendency to draw moisture out of the skin. Try foaming cleansers, milks and hydrating masks during the winter. Ask your esthetician which facials are best for hydration and moisturizing and schedule one per month. Your face will thank you for it!

Hands and Feet
You may notice your hands and feet drying and cracking more than usual during the winter. In between trips to the spa for hydrating manicure and pedicure treatments, always wear protective gloves when out in cold weather, and regularly buff and moisturize your feet.

Sun Protection
Don’t neglect your sunscreen routine. Just because its winter doesn’t mean the risk of sun damage has gone away. Protect yourself with an SPF 30 sunscreen and sunglasses at all times.


The holidays are here, signaling the time to start writing your yearly gift-giving list. If you’re like most, your list is filled with family members, colleagues and friends… mom, dad, hubby, sister, best friend, co-worker, neighbor, babysitter, teacher, etc. If you’re constantly struggling with what to get for so many different personalities, we’ve done some of the legwork for you this year! We mapped out choices for each gift recipient that you can find at the spa. You just became the hero of the holidays!

Gift Idea #1: The Mom in Need of Some “Me Time”: Set mom up with everything she needs for a relaxing spa day at home—spa robe, candles, bath elixir, lotion and spa music. Include a gift certificate for a spa service of her choosing at a later date.

Gift Idea #2: The Overworked Husband: Choose a set of massage oils for at-home back rubs and pair them with a big fluffy robe and a gift certificate for a hot stone massage at the spa.

Gift Idea #3: The Best Friend: Plan a girlfriend’s day at the spa by including a couples manicure and pedicure gift certificate with a batch of fun nail polishes and a pair of sandals.

Gift Idea #4: The Co-Worker: Candles are always a winner, and she can have one for her desk at work and one for home, if you pick up a couple.

Gift Idea #5: The Sporting Dad: When dad returns from 18-holes of golf, he’d probably love to find a gift certificate for a sports massage tucked into the pocket of a big, soft spa robe or a neck wrap to help him de-stress.

Gift Idea #6: The Teenage Daughter: What teenager doesn’t love makeup? Choose some soft shades of lipstick, blush and eye shadow and gift wrap them with a gift certificate for a teen facial and makeup consultation.

Stop by the spa and let us help you choose the ideal gifts for everyone on your list! Or simply purchase a spa gift card.


Q. My friends and I were talking about Lymphatic Drainage and frankly none of us knew exactly what it was, can you help explain it? What exactly is it?

A. It’s a gentle massage-like modality created by Dr. Vodder in Europe nearly a century ago. Originally designed to treat facial conditions, the modality was since discovered to promote healing, minimize scar formation and decrease pain for optimum recovery in all surgical patients.

The gentle strokes target the lymph vessels just below the skin surface that contain your natural healing cells. It’s a very effective way of detoxing the body plus stimulating vital immune defenses. It is a specialized manual technique designed to activate and cleanse the human fluid system. Because the lymphatic system itself is responsible for optimum functioning of the water circulation and immune system, Lymphatic Drainage is a key to maximizing our ability to rejuvenate and to establish resistance to stress and disease.

To experience Lymphatic drainage visit the Beauty Integrity Center and have Elisa DiFalco the expert in this modality help you!

Elisa DiFalco worked for the famous Dr. Robert Lerner who introduced Manual Lymph Drainage to the United States on ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings and established the first clinics of Lymphology in New York & Florida. A wealth of knowledge to benefit the public and professionals in the industry. The practice offers MLD for over 40 conditions and specializes in pre/post op MLD for Surgery.

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