Regenerative Aesthetics

Regenerative Aesthetics

Spa Salon: Young Beautiful Woman Having Various Facial Treatment.

There is no fast track to beauty and certainly not one for longevity!

You must dedicate the time and effort to do the small things over and over again and through time you will benefit massively.

Why do celebrities look so good – its not just because of their genes, the make up or even photo shop – sure all of that helps but what you do consistently inside and out will count most!

For the most part, surgery is not your answer and the results, in my opinion, mostly less than optimal and over rated! Why? It really does not address the underlying problem and in fact creates newer ones and changes the rules of beauty in an unnatural way

Regenerative aesthetics can address all your need and its the most intelligent and effective way to do so – ask all the beauty experts and the celebrities that consult with them.

What works and what does not!

Scared of the needle? – I would be! 

Regenerative aesthetics address how the body actually maintains its youthful appearance and enhances your own natural beauty.

There are two problems with the face: one is skin texture and the other is volume.

Rejuvenating your skin texture needs to address all the toxins in your skin, the damage it has caused and how to invigorate the quality of the skin and the underlying tissue. 

Then you must also address the volume issue. This happens either because there is bone loss and perhaps some fat loss in the face or you may just have been deficient to begin with. This is where volume enhancement can work for you but not all is designed the same.

I like to use bio-fillers and your own growth factors and if I must, cell therapy to boost those effects.

Failing that – then go for the knife 

Your best friend is actually an aesthetitican first! See her every 6 weeks, do the peels if that is appropriate and give it six months and be amazed. If you need more – then of course start looking at the micro needling using your own growth factors from your blood (called PRP) or use cell therapy to maximize the rejuvenation. 

Botox and their substitutes are simply proteins that block the receptors that stimulate the wrinkle- causing-muscles in your face work.

 You have all sorts of fillers and I best say – have an in depth conversation with your practitioner about the benefits of each and the sites that one might better stay away from and why.

Breast Services

The outcomes have been so spectacular that augmentation has become a fastest growing and perhaps the most common surgical body contouring procedure in the U.S.

Body Contouring

Dr. Rademaker uses biodegradable products can be used for cheek, lip, chin, jaw line enhancement as well as correcting deep skin folds or wrinkles.

Regenerative Aesthetics

Dr. Rademaker is widely respected for the organic-looking and natural-feeling results of breast surgery, post-mastectomy and aesthetic regenerative medicine.