Optimum Wellness vs Regenerative Medicine

Optimum wellness, Regenerative Medicine & Biohacking

Medicine is finally coming full circle. Until modern science was established with Sir Isaac Newton in the 1600s, all of medicine relied on the understanding of our relationship with nature. Since Newton, the science of medicine has tried to understand the functioning of the body in its minutest form – basically at the level of atoms. But our bodies can not be easily explained in such terms and so once again we have begun to focus on what occurs naturally and our relationship with nature. This is where we will find the answers to optimum health, wellness and regenerative medicine 

What is regenerative medicine?

My definition is simple – the natural process by which the normal balance in the body can be restored, regenerated and maintained. 

While some people restrict the term to using products like stem cells, a topic that creates much confusion, I believe that what we all needs is a process by which the normal functioning of the physiology of the body can be regained or regenerated and maintained for the longest possible time. We can easily live into the hundreds (of years) and beyond given the right natural formulas to optimize our health.  

The studies of epigenetics, nutrigenomics and others are clearly showing how we can indeed obtain these goals.


Basically, all we must do is tap into the intelligence of our body and also avoid doing stupid things to it. The stupid is obvious; the intelligent requires a dedication to understand what is actually going on and how to rebalance it: 

“Nutrition, movement, lifestyle and regenerative products to rebalance all the systems of your body.”

It is about the quality of life, reduce the burden of disease and extend longevity

What is Biohacking?

Biohacking is the process by which you can tap into that intelligence in a targeted way. 

Think of this: 

Our body has 70 trillion cells distributed in different organ systems (brain, heart, lungs) and participate in millions of different biological processes or systems and billions of chemical and electrical reactions every second, so that your body can functional normally. 

Whenever there is a malfunction in the system, we have discovered specific ways to bypass a block or correct the malfunction. This is Biohacking and a smart way to quickly rebalance the body and provide the means for it to function optimally.

Breast Services

The outcomes have been so spectacular that augmentation has become a fastest growing and perhaps the most common surgical body contouring procedure in the U.S.

Body Contouring

Dr. Rademaker uses biodegradable products can be used for cheek, lip, chin, jaw line enhancement as well as correcting deep skin folds or wrinkles.

Regenerative Aesthetics

Dr. Rademaker is widely respected for the organic-looking and natural-feeling results of breast surgery, post-mastectomy and aesthetic regenerative medicine.