Tampa Plastic Surgeon Restores More Than Just Implants For Women With Banned PIP Implants

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Tampa Plastic Surgeon Restores More Than
Just Implants For Women With Banned PIP Implants.

Tampa, Florida – April 4 2012 – Johana Rodriguez, is one of the estimated thousands of women, more than 30,000 French women and another 40,000 in the UK, who received PIP breast implants found to contain commercial silicone used for paint and waterproofing and is now banned by medical professionals.

Johana, at the age of 18, traveled to Columbia and received PIP breast implants for $3,000 dollars, to save almost 50% compared to receiving treatment from a United States Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. This decision proved costly as four years later Johana began to experience pain a couple weeks ago, along with a fever and swollen lymph nodes from the toxic silicone released in her body from the ruptured implants.

Dr. Bart Rademaker, the Tampa, Florida Board Certified Plastic Surgeon that treated Johana reported in a recent ABC News interview, “They think it’s going to be less expensive for them and the truth is very different,” Dr. Rademaker said, “Forty to fifty percent of people who go abroad end up with various types of problems that then cost them a lot more money.”

Click on link below to see ABC News interview with Dr. Rademaker and Johana Rodriguez.

Video: ABC News Interview with Dr. Rademaker Discussing PIP Implant Removal and Tampa Breast Revision

Dr. Rademaker’s practice decided to restore hope and safe implants to women needing to have their PIP implants removed by offering complimentary consultations to any women seeking information and treatment. Dr. Rademaker recommends any women with PIP implants schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon and have their implants removed immediately.

The Rejuva Center For Plastic Surgery, Medi Spa, Wellness and Regeneration is dedicated to the refined art of helping you discover and restore the unique and natural beauty of your face and body. Schedule your complimentary consultation at our office location at 11932 Sheldon Road, Tampa Florida or by calling (813) 884-0160. Dr. Rademaker is fluent in Spanish.

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