Doctor Testimonials



Dr. Rademaker is an amazing plastic surgeon. He has done three surgeries for me over the last 15 years and I have been so happy with the results. He has such a great bedside manner and makes you feel very comfortable and at ease.
Most recently, July 2021, Dr. Rademaker did my breast augmentation surgery and my breast look absolutely perfect! My husband wanted to write the review because he said they look so amazing. I have such trust in Dr. Rademaker that I recommended my daughter to get her surgery done by him, and she is also very pleased with the results.
Thank you Dr. Rademaker! 5 Stars for sure.


Breast Services

The outcomes have been so spectacular that augmentation has become a fastest growing and perhaps the most common surgical body contouring procedure in the U.S.

Body Contouring

Dr. Rademaker uses biodegradable products can be used for cheek, lip, chin, jaw line enhancement as well as correcting deep skin folds or wrinkles.

Regenerative Aesthetics

Dr. Rademaker is widely respected for the organic-looking and natural-feeling results of breast surgery, post-mastectomy and aesthetic regenerative medicine.



I was referred to Dr. Rademaker about 5 years ago from a supermodel friend who had her breast augmentation performed by him. I loved her results and she could not stop talking about how great her experience was. 5 years later with his name still stuck in my head, I finally went to look him up for breast augmentation and neck liposuction. I am usually the type to do extensive research and read reviews on everything but for the first time ever, I just went with the flow and had one consult with one doctor for my surgery. About 6 weeks ago I had surgery with Dr. Rademaker and I LOVE my results! For having any kind of surgery for the first time, he made me feel very comfortable and calm. When you first consult with him, know he will not talk bra sizes or CCs with you (good thing, trust me). Instead he will want you to pick out a picture of what you like and he will analyze & discuss with you what is best based on your desires. He wasn’t just a plastic surgeon to me either – he was also a coach to me & my fiancee. My fiancee came along to all my appointments and Dr. Rademaker coached him on how to help me with my anxiety about the surgery. After the surgery, I was very swollen and freaked out to the point where I wanted my breast implants out ASAP. I had to just give it time and follow Dr. Rademaker’s instructions (oh, and wait until meds wore off haha). After about week things started to settle and I started loving my new body. I just read Dr. Rademaker’s bio and looked at his credentials. It’s impressive. He has been doing plastic surgery for a long time and has done some pretty awesome things for humanity. Go Dr. Rademaker!! Vitals verified

He is the most caring Doctor I have ever met. He is 100 percent the best dr I have ever met and is always concerned about you and how you feel. He gives amazing results and is very upfront about what other expect and helps give u real goals. I’ve had many procedures done and I am incredibly impressed with him and I will continue to recommend people… he is also very professional and spends time with you and doesn’t just rush you out after your appointment. He will stay with you until you feel completely at ease and have had all your questions answered. Completely amazing!!!!! Vitals verified

It is easy for me to just display the great testimonials, as it is the reminder that my outcome was achieved: a happy patient. As my future patient, you could also wonder about any negative review you might find. My entire life has been dedicated to being my best in service to others, always improving and learning. In spite of that, sometimes we can’t do everything a patient wants. My failure then was not ensuring they had realistic expectations of what surgery can achieve or what responsibilities they had to ensure best outcomes. These reviews reminds me that not everyone is a candidate for surgery and this is why I am selective as we must develop a partnership in trust and your success.

Bart Rademaker MD