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I have often been called a “Renaissance Man” For my perspectives of our world and what possible futures await us. In general, I think in generative (constructive) terms and while there is “in the box” thinking and “outside of the box” thinking, I prefer to have no box whatsoever.

With my multinational background and multidimensional view, it is easy for me to foresee that the future doctor will not be prescribing drugs or performing surgeries. To me, this is inevitable as well as necessary. By tapping into the intelligence that surrounds us, and as I call it the brain, the body and the energy intelligence, we will discover the best answers to optimize health and prolong life well into the hundreds.

We now live in an age that the idea of immortality is not so farfetched and I for one would love to extend my years well into the hundreds due to my intense curiosity of what our future holds.

Over the last 20 years I have entertained the different aspects that can optimize our lives in all of its aspects and we now live in a time that delivers many solutions.

I have always felt that as a consumer of health and wellness, we must be accountable for ourselves and not be either the victim to circumstance or abdicate to a to professional. We must understand first and become fully aware of what is happening within and the seek out the best answer that all the brilliant researchers are revealing to us. Not that every brilliant idea will work for you but you must become your own researcher of health and wellness designed for your mind and body.

This is the only way ahead that will best serve you in removing the risk and the burden of disease and enhance your own superhuman vitality to live a life beyond your current imagination.

I am a science fiction buff but what I say is not science fiction, it is real and my mission is to make all of this a must and accessible to all.

For this reason, I have been working on various projects to help doctors change their roles and perspectives on how to best serve the modern patient with personalized natural medicine, regenerative medicine and biohacking techniques. And then to deliver an easy access to the consumer to the information they need as well as the services available in their own home town.

The first project is called The Doctors Guide and with various virtual program giving doctors the tools to reinvent their practice and include the many non-traditional modalities now available to us. In other words, to take a small step away from conventional medicine and deliver other answers when suitable.


The second project tis called my local wellness. A site that the consumer can discover which wellness provider is local and what service they deliver at the same time connecting with them on a private non censored platform. 

The Doctor's Guide

Offering doctors a well proven process to get control of their practice again and thrive in this changing market.
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My Local Wellness

Making Wellness a Must and Accessible to ALL!
find your answers to the personal health and wellness needs:
My Local Wellness

What Is Our Humanity?

If we don't know what it is to be human. How can we change if we don't understand what needs to change. How can we help if we don't know where?
Humanitarian - Myrejuvacenter