Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery

Every woman has a unique and intimate relationship with their breasts and no one can better illuminate its significance than you yourself. 

This is what matters most during every consultation and you deserve to have the look you want. 

Defining your new look

There are many options in our ability as plastic surgeons to reshape the breast. I believe it is important that you fully understand all your options in detail – even if its one that can not be performed by the surgeon them self. Ultimately, you must be able to learn and know what will work best for you rather than someone else telling you what it must be.

It’s true that we can not always achieve the result you want but at least you get to choose. With this in mind consider what is safe, what is long term and what truly fits the vision you have. Our job is to deliver what we tell you we can.

In your decision making, think what is best for your body and what will give you that wonderful feeling that matches your vision of your best self.

Remember – there is only one outcome – that you are happy while knowing what is actually possible and safe.

Breast Augmentation

Choose either saline or silicone depending on how much breast tissue you have. Choose round and smooth only.
Under the muscle is always preferable when it is possible

Breast Lift

There are several ways to perform a breast lift - called mastopexy. It is important to know that with a droopy breast, just placing a large implant might not be enough, however when doing a lift, you don't always need an implant

Removal with or without replacement

In general, most women wish to have a replacement within 10 years but if you are happy with them, keep them in if they are saline. Silicone implants need to be checked yearly after year 10. Removing them altogether is a choice but make sure you make a fully educated decision