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How To Pick Your Surgeon

Your relationship with your surgeon matters, and how you choose them will make all the difference. Always get several consults and while referrals are helpful, ultimately you need to decide if the surgeon is in alignment with your needs and you feel very comfortable that they are listening and help you know what is best for you. Embrace your unique difference and desires – no one can tell you to ignore that.

Do Your Homework

Its never just about the surgery – it’s how you feel at the end! Sometimes surgeons and patients make the assumption that once surgery is completed – then they will be happy.

Whilst surgery has changed so many lives in  wonderful ways, and patients get to see on the outside what they feel on the inside, both the patient and doctor have their own responsibilities in the success.

Successful surgeries can give you a new lease on life and I have seem this so often. Failing that, can cause much heartache. We must avoid that at all cost and that is why doing your homework is so important.

One of the major challenges is that too many practitioners promise you too much and there is too much misguided information on the internet.

Perhaps the most important part is quality of character rather than all the accolades or the posh looking office and clothes. Determine that the doctor will indeed do their best and not leave any option off the table. Sometimes I will refer a patient to another doctor because it is best for them.

Clearly understand and state what it is that you want rather than relying on the doctor or someone else. This usually does not work well for you – especially when a doctor insists you get a surgery you are not comfortable with. Make sure you understand the why and get another opinion.

Finally, your expectations must me based in reality (not dreams) understand the limitations of surgery and your body and fully accept what you must be responsible for.  

Find the right team that listens to you, hears your wishes and helps you make the smart decision that will best serve you! Remember – your happiness is the goal and it does include everything else you do outside of the surgery as well.

It's not just credentials!

Sometimes docs try to impress with their credentials! The question you must answer: when possible, will they help me get what I really want, and how do they explain it to me?

How much time to they give you!

Some offices are just too rushed or too busy to help you with their needs and what you might find is that rather than listen to what you want - they just tell you what they want to do!

Pictures are't everything!

Everyone has their own unique body and pictures are never a guarantee. Ask how the surgery will give you the specific outcomes you desire.