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Dr. Bart Rademaker is dedicated to the refined art of helping you redefine beauty at any age. The journey is one of personal transformation, outside and in.

" The Rademaker Plastic Surgery and Regenerative Medicine Center is unique in Tampa, Florida and most of the country as one of the only plastic surgery and regenerative medicine centers offering a truly holistic approach, non-surgical, surgical, and even beauty identity coaching enabling patients to utilize their intelligence, intuition, and a new regenerative process to educate and redefine beauty at any a age".

No one is smarter about you than you. I trust my patients to help me understand what I need to do to get the personal transformation that they desire. It could be plastic surgery. It could be something else. That’s what we work out together.

Before settling on a course of treatment, you’ll know what you want and how we will get you there. Whether you come to us to minimize the signs of time or re-contour your body, you’ll feel secure with your choices because you are the driving force.

I trust my patients to know what’s right for them. My first purpose is to make them aware of what’s possible and good for them so they can, with confidence, make the best decisions. 

My ultimate purpose: the patient’s happiness.

Founder and renowned Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Bart Rademaker, is with you every step of the way. With long-time experience, unusual sensitivity and attention, he is your dedicated partner and guide through the world of aesthetic treatments and plastic surgeries.

What We Offer??

Breast Services

The secret to long lasting and better results is to give you only what you need, when you need it and consistently maintain it. That way we can keep the facial structure looking natural rather than redefining it. There’s so much we can do before we ever need to think about any kind of surgery. – Dr. Bart Rademaker
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Body Contouring

Through time and across cultures, breasts have played a key role in defining femininity. Although the perception of the “perfect” breast varies from place to place, from one era to the next, increasingly women have embraced the possibility that they can have the breasts that boost their confidence, self-esteem and essential sensuality.
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Regenerative Aesthetics

Is there anyone totally happy with the body they’re in? Maybe. But they’re few and far between. Most people are caught in the crosshair of popular beauty myths and the irreducible reality of their own genetics. Others are coping with the ravages of disorders or diseases.
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Optimum Wellness, Regenerative Medicine & Biohacking

If there was a way to access the potential of the body to restore form and function in the most natural way - would you prefer that? You should since it is the most intelligent way to optimize your health, wellness, vitality and longevity by the most natural means available tapping in to the since of how we have evolved over millennia and how the environment impacts is. I share what the best have shared with me for your benefit.
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